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Twitter, The Aphorism & Semantic Analysis

What are you doing?

Twitter allows us to broadcast (“Tweet”) the answer to this question for the rest of the world to view. Using 140 characters or less, twitter users can communicate their thoughts, ideas, links to external web pages or just any type of message or any form of textual expression to a global audience. This form of “microblogging” has increased in popularity dramatically since its release in october 2006. Thanks to its ease of use and its ‘addicting’ factor, countless users in a wide variety of countries use twitter to generate an ever increasing amount of information on thoughts, opinions and occupations, creating a fluid network of information exchange in real-time. Because of these properties twitter holds the ingredients to be(come) a reliable platform for doing research stretched across multiple disciplinary fields. In this blog post i’ll discuss certain approaches for doing research on microblogging and aspects associated with microblogging.
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