Line Tower Wars 7

Line Tower Wars 7 is a custom Warcraft 3 game hosted on, in which 7 players battle it out to claim victory for their own.

The Objective is to run your men past your opponents’ defence to steal their lives while preventing your opponents from getting past Your defence and stealing Your lives. Each player starts the game with a fixed amount of lives, 25 in most versions, but since the game can (andover time will) be modified this amount may vary. When selecting your builder you get the option to build defence towers, which you must build and later upgrade in order to defend your line. To send units of your own the unit towers, or in other versions the town halls, need to be selected. Up to 12 units of increasing costs can be bought and thus sended from each unit tower. In most versions you have two different unit towers, but in some verdions you have three. By buying/sending these units you build up income. The higher your income the more and better units you can send.

The basic towers: the Archer tower and the Sharp tower aren’t powerfull enough to kill the more expensive units passing your line. By upgrading these towers you enlarge their power. You have to upgrade to Super Towers in order to create the most solid defence. You can get these towers by selecting the Super towers tower. Here you can trade pieces of lumber for Super towers of different elements. Choose between Fire, Ice, Electricity, Light and Poison. Trade one lumber for a level 1 super tower and trade an other piece of lumber for the level 2 UBER tower of that element. When defeating an other player you get a new piece of lumber as your prized possesion. Use this piece for more Super towers.

Be the last player alive to call yourself victorius in this fast-paced multi-player online strategy game!



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